Communication is crucial in any company, regardless of the industry, but it can post many challenges when trying to get things done effectively. Vital information has to spread across multiple members in the organisation, and in case it gets lost, it can compromise the daily activity of the company. E-mails, fax machines, “work phones”, intranet notifications, there are many options available in terms of communications. Still, it can also be overwhelming to keep up with all of them, and that leads to breakdowns in the communication flow.

Many businesses have recently slimmed down these routes and moved to a simpler yet more beneficial option to instant messaging communication: Walkie-Talkies. And here’s why:

Communicating with individuals and teams

Two-Way Radios provide a consistent and dependable reception throughout your business’ facilities. Unlike smartphones, which are known to run out of signal in places like elevators or lower floor plants, two/way radios are ready to transmit and receive wherever they are. This means that a given team member won’t be dropping or postponing calls that could convey important information anymore.

While smartphones require costly software additions to enable multi-party communication, two-way radios include this capability built-in as standard. Not only will your company be saving on software extras but also in the radio devices that come at a lower cost than the average smartphone fleet, making walkie-talkies the best and most cost-effective communication solutions.

Durable and Reliable Devices

Accidents happen in every industry, and it doesn’t need to be in hazardous environments either; for example, someone can easily spill a glass of water over their brand-new work smartphone. If only you could have a more durable solution…

Two-way radios, with available waterproof features, are much more resistant to elements or impacts than the current smartphone norm and will undoubtedly last longer too.

Replacing cracked screens due to drops, buying replacement phones, or any other reoccurring money spending will be a thing of the past making radio devices a much savvier investment.

As we said earlier, these accidents can happen in any industry, but two-way business radios will definitely make the most sense in heavy-duty industries such as construction work, and other more weather-exposed occupations.

Rolling back the years, can you remember a more enduring device than that old Motorola “brick” phone that you only had to charge every couple of days? Luckily, Motorola also makes two-way radios, and they carry all that durability and battery life you miss so much in today’s devices. This will make managers rest assured their staff will be supplied with reliable devices to keep on communicating whatever the situation.


Providing your staff with individual top-grade walkie talkies for their daily tasks will improve your business communication and at the same time, be a more affordable solution when compared to makeshift smartphone solutions. Supplying the whole work personnel with smartphones and the added functionality costs will require a significant investment upfront and will keep on regularly draining your finances with phone plans.

Walkie-Talkies are cheaper alternatives to smartphones from the threshold. They will save even more by not requiring service providers or extra software features to allow for more than two user communications. Due to being more durable, they are a safer investment that won’t require nearly as many repairs as smartphones. Overall, two-way business radios are vastly more cost-effective than to implement conventional communication devices in your business.

Undistracting Devices

Business walkie talkies are clear-cut and straightforward to use and give managers and owners the guarantee that their staff aren’t side-tracked during work hours by Social Media feeds or other distractions a smartphone can entail. Two-way radios are free of apps or entertainment and are designed solely focused on the task of providing a communication channel, and this trickles down to their users.

This lack of distractions can be significant in terms of staff productivity which is what you want from a paid worker but most importantly, in maintaining safety. Smartphones are vulnerable to viruses and spyware that can be downloaded onto them, giving electronic thieves access to your company’s information and network. Two-way radios, on the other hand, are closed-circuit limited by their wave channel, providing safer communications between workers.

User Friendly

Another challenge with sourcing smartphones for your working staff is their knowledge of Android or iPhone platforms. Spending time to show all your workers how to use their new operative system can be quite cumbersome so ideally, you should be looking for communication solutions that can hit the ground running.

Walkie Talkies form factor and usability is one the most intuitive processes you can find and most people who are handed one for the first time already know how to use its basic functions making it easy and quick for the team to learn the full functionality of the new devices.

Furthermore, two-way radios are dependable and offer their users the possibility to carry and use them throughout their day without a single worry related to battery life, impact damages or to run out of service range. Using a walkie-talkie is as easy as picking it up and using it intuitively.

Walkie Talkies are the Best Overall Communication Device

We have presented some key reasons why Two-way radios can improve and streamline your business’ communication solutions. Whatever industry your company excels in, the benefits two-way radios can provide are undeniable and can even reveal vital in some cases. Delegating functions, alerting co-workers and coordinating actions are just some of the examples that walkie talkies can perform seamlessly and confidently, leaving the managers and business owners assured that the organisation is running as organised and safely as it can.

Having the right communication practices can be the difference between a profitable business and a poorly organised workload. Improving your company’s communication is crucial and moving to walkie-talkies as the primary communication devices can be the game-changer.

Experts in Motorola Walkie-Talkie Radios, we have been proving businesses looking to upgrade their communication with top of the line devices and systems in various industries.

Make the right move and get in touch with our specialist team and implement two-way radios to enhance your intra-organisation communication.