The Motorola business range of walkie-talkies are essential tools in any situation where reliable and instant communication is needed.

The use of reliable walkie-talkie communication in business can streamline operations, save money, and enhance safety.

They are perfect for use in any scenario where precise communications between workers are important, including construction sites, manufacturing facilities, security, hospitality, and events.

Long battery life, large range, and no reliance on mobile signal availability, Motorola walkie-talkies offer a no call charge, instant communication solution for a massive range of business uses.

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Motorola Business Walkie Talkies

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Motorola XT460 PMR446 Licence Free Portable Walkie Talkie

187.50 ex VAT, 230.63 inc VAT

What You Get

• Portable Radio with Antenna
• Battery
• Carry Holster

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